Having pursued a successful career as a corporate trainer for some of the leading organizations in India that spanned well over 6 years, I then went on to become a professional editor cum writer. I launched i-skillz.com, an online business outsourcing solutions company with my husband and business partner, Riyas.

Together we catered to numerous global clients who availed our services that included training module designing, content writing, editing, technical support, web designing and server maintenance. 

In the meanwhile, my passion for reading motivational materials inspired me to seek for ways to intensify the needs to stay motivated. This eventually led me to study various materials on The Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics. It was then that I understood that my calling was to reach out to people with the Universal Truth Of Life.

Appreciative Comments:

I would like to take this humble opportunity to thank...

- my Creator who has entrusted me with wonderful blessings to treasure

- my parents who I love and miss dearly

- my husband, Riyas for the splendid website and being the perfect soul mate at home and work

- my precious son, Jasim for showing me how beautiful life is

- my parents-in-law for your prayers and blessings

- my brother-in-law, Dr.Prof.Mohamed Junaid for helping me through the initial research and moral support

- to the rest of the family for encouraging us along the way

- to friends and well-wishers for the inspiration and support

- and especially to all our readers and UToL supporters from all over the world who are a part of this amazing network.