We all have unanswered questions revolving in our minds. Some take the effort to search for the answers while others choose to place them in the deepest part of their subconscious minds where they can amuse themselves with their ability to do so. 

At times, life becomes much simpler when you know the reasons behind everything that you do. In other occasions, they are better left unknown, especially if no benefits can be found from doing so.

What I am about to reveal undoubtedly falls under the former category. I may not know you personally but if you are human and breathing, it should matter to you. I dare say this with as much conviction as I can posssibly gather at this point of my life. The Universal Truth Of Life will give you a reason to live the life you want.

Before I proceed any further, I would like to say that if you are looking for a quick 'spirit-uplifting' experience; UToL has nothing to offer in that aspect. 

We all want to know what we can get out of something before we get into it, right? I am no different from you in that regard. In fact, I do have a reason for having founded the Universal Truth Of Life. Many of you should be able to relate to this reason.

I had no idea that my search for the truth would lead me to where I am today, but it certainly has been more than worth the time and effort. No, I have not been living in solitude in a dim room, feverishly seeking for the truth amidst piles of dusty books. 

I have had a reasonably comfortable life; personally and professionally. I was not a very optimistic person (could not find a valid reason to be one) but neither would I dwell in misery (it was easier to choose the latter at times). I never could understand why this was so until my career gave me a reason to find that out.

As a corporate trainer, I had to also find ways to motivate people to bring out their best at work and in their lives. In order to do that, I needed motivation. The day I flipped the first page of a motivational book, my life took a new direction. I have been hooked to self-help materials ever since.

Well, after having read almost everything I could get my hands on about motivation, I came to the conclusion that I still could not truly find a reason to stay motivated.

I could be motivated but not remain so. There just had to be a way to do that. So many questions arose from within me and I was determined to find the truth behind the entire concept of motivation. I wanted to know how motivation works. 

You see...if I found out what makes it tick, I would have a better reason to stay motivated! I needed a better reason to love life than just a 'feel-good' factor that nudges me once in a while. 

I also had to know why some people seem to have all they want while others could barely get by. There had to be more than just luck and destiny attached to it. 

My quest for the truth led me through one of the most spectacular journeys I have ever been on in this lifetime! It took me to a destination that left me overwhelmed with shock, disbelief and amazement. It revealed the mysteries of the Universe in a way that I never thought I would ever live to see.

I was astonished to see how when all the pieces were put together, a revolution in the power of motivation revealed itself. The outcome unveiled the reasons behind why:

- each of us has to stay motivated
- we all have to look at ourselves differently
- every moment of our lives carves out the future
- we could turn our lives into anything we want
- life could be absolutely predictable 

Where can you find the answers? In the very roots of your existence. The magnificent being that you are within, which constantly communicates to the Universe through energy that is being transmitted in an invisible parallel realm does so much more in your life than you realize.

Universal Truth Of Life unravels the mysteries that lie within you by introducing you to the magical connection between science and motivation. This will show you:

- how every thought predicts your future
- how your body reacts to motivation
- how to turn your life into what you want it to be
- why you should understand how the entire system works
- how much more you can achieve in this lifetime
- the tremendous source of energy that is embedded within you
- the breathtaking revelation of who you really are

There is so much more to life than what most of us think we do know. Trust me, this is one aspect of life that no one deserves to be unaware of.

You are not controlled by destiny or luck. Every brick on your path has been laid by you. All this while, you must have heard people telling you to be responsible for your actions. well, that is exactly what I would say too! How responsible are you willing to be for all that is to happen in your life? 

Would you rather be responsible for the great things that happen, especially when you can be proud of it? Why choose to settle for less, when you have been created for so much more? 

This is not a website. It is an invitation to a journey that will reveal life as it should be, for you.

Have a blessed and fantastic life!

Sheeba Riyas



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UToL Quotes

Life is like a box of chocolates and you do get to choose the ones you want!

The less you entertain negative thoughts, the less you attract them.

There is a physician within each one of us.

It is not the phobia, but your mind that has to be conquered.

You can choose what you want in life by simply programming your thoughts.

The recession was made by man and not the Universe.

Nothing within this Universe will hurt you, unless you think it can. Period.

Changing this perspective will change the result. 

Choose the best for you have been given the options.

Stop inflicting misery and pain into your life by always thinking about it.

You do not have to turn it into a vicious cycle to feel better about the pain you went through.

Sadness, anger and disappointment are just emotions that drop by. They are not meant to be kept as souvenirs in your closet. 

Things do go wrong for life is never exciting without the curves but if you want less curves in future, learn to love the ones you have now.